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FTP Service Setup

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FTP service setup

  1. Setup vsftpd sudo apt-get install vsftpd -y

  2. Start vsftpd

    • check whether the port 21 is working sudo netstat -nltp | grep 21
    • if the above not start, you can do it manually sudo systemctl start vsftpd.service
  3. Config the User directory

    • make a directory sudo mkdir /home/uftp
    • make a welcome file sudo touch /home/uftp/welcome.txt
    • config user and create passwd
    • sudo useradd -d /home/uftp -s /bin/bash uftp
    • sudo passwd uftp
    • remove the file to avoid login failed. sudo rm /etc/pam.d/vsftpd
  4. Do some limitation

    • make the user only access the ftp instead of login the server sudo usermod -s /sbin/nologin uftp

    • config again sudo chmod a+w /etc/vsftpd.conf

      # 限制用户对主目录以外目录访问
      # 指定一个 userlist 存放允许访问 ftp 的用户列表
      # 记录允许访问 ftp 用户列表
      # 不配置可能导致莫名的530问题
      # 允许文件上传
      # 使用utf8编码
*   create the access file for user list `sudo touch /etc/vsftpd.user_list` `sudo chmod a+w /etc/vsftpd.user_list` modify the user_list as followed: `uftp`
*   config the access authority
    *   the main dir only read `sudo chmod a-w /home/uftp`
    *   the pulic dir can be read and wrote `sudo mkdir /home/uftp/public && sudo chmod 777 -R /home/uftp/public`
*   restart the service `sudo systemctl restart vsftpd.service`
  1. Prepare the domain and just make the analyze ip then everything will be ok.
  1. 1. FTP service setup