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Master horse training standard

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  1. Search: BFS, DFS, IDA*, Hash

  2. Thoughts design: Greedy, binary, Tree point, Merge sort, Ruler method

  3. Math: extended Euclidean, prime, Eulers function, Fast matrix power, Gauss elimination

  4. Data structure: STL(priority queue, map, multiset), Monotone structure(queue, stack, sliding window), disjoint set

  5. Dynamic planning: classic problem, Tree DP, status compress DP

  6. Math: Game(bash, nim, Fibonacci, Wythoff), derangement, inverse element, combination of recursive

  7. Graphy theory: minimal spanning tree, maximum matching, shortest path(floyd, dijkstra, bellman-ford, SPFA)

  8. Computation geometry: line segment intersection, Cross product, Polygon area

  9. Data structure: segment tree, tree attay, KMP, Trie

  10. Graphy theory: network flow(max-flow, minimum cost flow), strongly connected components

Team Necessary

  1. Data structure: splay tree, AC automantic machine, suffix array, Heavy-light Decomposition, balanced tree(treap), chairman tree, block, RMQ, LCA

  2. Dynamic planing: digit DP, interval DP, data structure optimize DP(gradient optimize, monotonic queue, quadrilateral inequality, binary system)

  3. Computation geometry: convex closure, Half-plane Intersection, area of circles

  4. Math: SG function, matrix, Fermat’s little theorem, Chinese remainder theorem, pick theorem, probability and expectation(probability DP), FFT, Simpson, displace(polya theorem, Burnside lemma), combinatorial mathematics(interval counting, Catalan number, Stirling number, counting order)

  5. Graphy theory: connected component(cut point, bridge, Biconnect), 2SAT, Differential Constrain, minimal cut, Eulerian circuit

  6. Graphy theory: Network flow(upper and lower bound, max density subgraph, largest closed subgraph), most perfect matching

Team Stronger

  1. Sundry: simulated annealing, plug DP, DLX, divide and conquer tree

  2. Data sturcture: dynamic tree, kd tree, suffix automantic machine, Mo team, Persistent data structure

  3. Math: generation function, liner programming, Mobius inversion, fast number theoretic transform

  4. Graphy Theory: stable matching, the Kth short path, Second-best Minmum Spanning Tree, maximum clique, hamiltonian circuit, Minimum spanning tree

  5. Computation geometry: Rotating calipers, 3D convex hull, Minimum Circumscribed Circle, Affine transformation matrix, motion planning

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